Bottom Time Bar & Grill


Join your dive buddies for sunset toast to the pink and orange skies, in front of the incredible Rock Islands. Enjoy a "deco-beer" around our custom made tables, made of marine maps and solid wood, while another day in paradise is coming to an end.

Bottom Time Bar and Grill is the ultimate sunset and evening spot for divers, yachters, Sam’s Tours staff, and locals, offering a diverse food and beverage selection.

Bar menu includes wine, breezy island cocktails, and an international selection of can and draft beers, such as locally brewed Red Rooster in 3 flavors and Stella Artois on draft and Budweiser (USA), Asahi (Japanese), San Miguel (Philippines).

Culinary choices include grilled dishes, such as pork, beef, hamburgers, chicken, fish, and steaks, sandwiches, steaks, and appetizers, including our renowned sashimi.

If breakfast is not included in your hotel, ask for an early pickup and come on down! Jump start your day with one of our excellent breakfast choices, including pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast, fruits, and more!

Located right on the water, with a constant breeze, Bottom Time is the perfect spot to eat, drink and relax at the end of your day; and you’re likely to catch one of the various events, like Royal Belau Yacht Club movie night, birthday parties, and more!

Group dining is a great event at Bottom Time Bar and Grill, offering pre-fixed buffet dinner for groups, in a separate area. Menu choices include BBQ dinner, or the highly recommended Palauan dinner, including local dishes such as taro leaf soup, sashimi, tapioca and much more, cooked freshly for you!

See you at Bottom Time!