Royal Belau Yacht Club


Sam’s Tours hosts The Royal Belau Yacht Club (RBYC) as Sam Scott, founder of Sam's Tours is also the founding member of RBYC, and its Commodore since 2008.

Sail boats, super yachts, visiting yachts and yachters who came to Palau, fell in love and made Palau their home (for now), all Royal Belau Yacht Club members feel right at home at Sam’s Tours.

RBYC members are entitled to use Sam’s Tours facilities (link to facilities page), including hot and cold shower facility, long distance calling and internet service, Bottom Time Bar and Grill (link to BTBG page), a bar where everybody knows your name, dedicated dinghy dock, waste disposal, and more!

The dive shop staff can assist you in becoming an RBYC member, which entitles you for special rates on tours, discount on merchandise and at Bottom Time Bar and Grill, and more!

RBYC events, such as movie nights, Cinco de Mayo event, and many more, are conducted at Sam’s Tours.

Yachts inbound to Palau are invited to contact for information and or assistance with Entry Clearance. We'll provide courtesy notice of your pending arrival to Immigration, Port Control and Customs. There is no charge for our assistance. Please pass this information to other yachts.

Vessel Entry Permits for Malakal Harbor, Koror, Palau are $50 each, valid for 30 days, and may be purchased upon arrival (a recent change).

Visiting yachts are invited to come around to the Yacht Club anchorage AFTER they have completed Vessel Entry Clearance. We can assist with finding a suitable anchorage or available mooring.

Palau Port Control monitors VHF Channel 16 during Government Business Hours from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. Vessels must CHECK IN immediately upon arrival. Call + 680-775-0419 to contact Port Control Duty Officer.

For more information please visit: