When is the best time to visit Palau?
Anytime of year is good for a visit to Palau and diving is great year round. From June through to the beginning of October there's a higher chance of windy or rainy days. Palau is close enough to the equator to be considered outside of the typhoon belt. Best time of year is between November and May.

Is Palau for advanced divers only?
No. There is great diving in Palau for divers of all skill levels. We have many newly certified divers who dive with us (and many who come to Palau to get certified). While there are indeed dive sites that may require more advanced skills, there are over 70 dive sites to choose from and lots of fantastic diving for divers of all skill levels. Our dive guides choose the dive sites based on a variety of factors, including: surface conditions, weather, tides, diver skill level and diver preference. We offer a full range of PADI dive certification courses.

What type of wetsuit do I need?
The water around Palau is warm about 84-86 degree Fahrenheit. Many people dive with just a swimsuit. Most who wear wetsuits in Palau choose a 3mm suit either short or full. We have a good selection of both short and full suits available for rental.

Do I need to rent a car?
Not really. We provide complimentary shuttle service every morning and late in to the evening to all hotels in town. All hotels provide airport shuttle service, though there may be a fee.

What kind of tanks and valves do you use?
For sport diving we use only aluminum tanks in a variety of sizes. Our most common tank size is 80cu. feet / 12 Litre. We also have larger 100 cu. feet / 15Litre tanks and some small 50cu. feet tanks for junior divers. Our tanks are equipped with multi-purpose valves that support DIN or US Yoke style regulators.

If I book diving with Sam's Tours through a travel agent will I pay more?
No. There is no surcharge for booking our services through our professional travel agent partners. In many cases they can save you money on air/hotel/diving packages and help you plan a good itinerary. Please refer to our Agent Partner list.

Is there a store in town?
Yes. There are two large and very well stocked supermarkets and department stores in the center of town. There are also lots of convenience stores all around town. The stores stay open until 9:00pm.

What type of electrical power do you have?
Palau uses 110 Volt electricity with the same tyoe of outlets as U.S. At the dive center we also have 220 Volt service.

Is there really a "Sam" in Sam's Tours?

Yes! The company was founded by Sam Scott whose residence is right at the dive center. He's around every day and still leads dive trips and fishing trips. Chances are you'll meet him at Bottom Bar and Grill chatting with customers around sunset


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