Black Water Diving

The team of Unique Dive Expeditions is the pioneer of Black Water dives in Palau. From post larval fish of many different species to cephalopods, jellyfish and crustaceans, most of the pelagic creatures that arise from the depth are smaller than the smallest coin in your pocket!

Daily Dive Tours

Join our professional and friendly team and dive into the pristine water and magnificent reefs, wrecks and caverns of Palau, one of the world's top dive destination, renowned for marine biodiversity. Prepare yourself for untouched healthy corals, lively marine life and some shark action!

Rock Island Tours

Capture the beauty of the Rock Islands, in all possible shades of blue… Pristine water, beautiful green isles with vegetation reaching to the water edge, in the perfect white san

Land Tours

Join our guides on a journey to Bebeldaob’s beautiful scenery, and learn of the Palauan people history and culture. Sam’s Tours offers two tours in the Babeldaob, a cultural land tour and a naturalist tour.

Kayak Tours

Join us for some kayak action! Paddle and snorkel through the Rock Islands's calm water of the inner lagoons and bays, sheltered from winds and surge, where colorful corals grow nearly to the surface, and plenty juvenile fish safely mature

Palau Siren

Dive the pristine reefs of Palau in ultimate luxury on board the Palau Siren, Palau's newest liveaboard, part of the Sam's Tours family! Surrounded by the serenity of the Rock Islands for 7 or 10 days, Palau Siren offers its guest the ultimate balance between being close to the dive sites, without compromising convenience and style.

Unique Dive Expeditions

The Unique Dive Expeditions customized tours are designed to deliver the most spectacular diving Palau has to offer, as these rich waters are renowned for their marine biodiversity and home to over 1300 species of fish and more than 700 species of corals.

Palau Pacific Resort

Palau Pacific Resort is your dream getaway resort! With its own private beach, guests enjoy the incredible sunset views. The hotel offers spa, restaurant and shops, a poolside bar, seamless pool, and a great variety of activities. Relax and indulge at Palau Pacific Resort after your dive days or tours with Sam's for an unforgettable vacation!

Palau Plantation Resort

Tucked in one of the residential neighborhoods of Koror, Palau Plantation Resort offers traditional styled cabins, cottages and villas surrounded by the natural beauty of a tropical paradise.

Sea Passion

Located in Malakal, right around the corner from Sam's Tours, Sea Passion features rooms with either mountain or ocean view, and is located right on the water. The hotel offers a private beach, swimming pool, spa, beach bar, restaurant and a fruit bar, with local fruit shakes.


Situated on a cliff the Carolines offers 8 private bungalows, creating an intimate atmosphere, surrounded by beautiful island vegetation. Each bungalow is built from local materials such as bamboo, mahogany and mangrove. Breakfast is served on the balcony, also offering views of stunning sunsets. A romantic hidden gem, the Carolines is built for guests looking for privacy and relaxation.


Right in the heart of Downtown Koror, Palasia Hotel offers great views of the Rock Islands and the town. Located within a walking distance of most restaurants, shopping centers and gift shops, the hotel features a large pool, open-air bar with excellent views and breeze, restaurant, shops, a lower level spa with a sauna, and underground parking.

Palau Royal Resort

Located right across the street from Sam's Tours, Palau Royal Resort offers its own private beach, a swimming pool, tennis courts, kids room, gym, a gift shop, laundry room, a luxurious spa, a sea side bar on a dock, and a bar and a restaurant.

Rose Garden

Tucked away on a hillside with a spectacular view of Babeldaob Island, the Japan-Palau Friendship Bridge, Koror, Malakal Island, and its surrounding lagoons, Rose Garden offers 20 rooms, all wooden cabins, in a lush green garden.