Working at Sam’s Tours

Would you like to be part of our family for way more than a week?

Our staff is what makes Sam’s Tours a top notch dive center, renown for excellent customer service. If you are passionate about life and want to work in a dynamic, multi-cultural team, in a high-paced (yet island life) international setting, you’re home!

Diving in Palau is simply incredible! Palau’s reefs are home to over 700 coral species, and over a 1000 species of fish, dugongs, sharks and more!

We at Sam’s Tours hire personalities; we can teach anyone to do what we do, but we cannot teach personality. We are always looking for people with a can-do attitude and overall good vibe in the following positions: dive guides, shop sales staff, reservations staff, mechanical staff, and accounting staff. All staff members and their families are welcome on board all of our tours, and if you have yet to dip into the blue, don't worry! Sam's Tours certifies all of our employees!

Please send an email with your resume and desired position to