Eclipse and Safari Palau's only private live aboard dive boats.

Eclipse, and Safari, Palau’s only chartered liveaboard dive yachts.  Just for you and your friends or family

Avoid diving with crowds; charter your own boat in Palau with a very experienced crew at your service.  Just for one couple or two, or a family of five. Choose a six or ten day trip doing just what you want, whether diving, exploring with kayaks, fishing, snorkeling, beach combing, or just relaxing away from everyone.  Enjoy fabulous cuisine and the luxury of diving Palau’s most celebrated dives when no one else is there.  You don’t have to dive with crowds, live the dream of doing what you want.  There is a difference!   Spend your dive vacation in and on the water, not in hotels, restaurants and gift shops.

Eclipse, The original chartered dive liveaboard in Palau has been part of Sam’s Tours more than ten years.  Having beautifully demonstrated the ability to provide a dive experience way beyond what most have ever imagined, Eclipse, a 48’ classic ocean sailing yacht combines the practicality of sailboats equipped for exploring the far reaches of the world with the long experience of John and Charlie McCready, sailors, divers, explorers, chef extraordinaire, and underwater photographer.

Safari,Palau’s deluxe chartered liveaboard dive yacht is Sam’s latest addition to the fleet.  Just for a couple or small family, Safari has the superb comfort of the big dive boats with out the crowds.  With air conditioning, a spacious dining area, hot indoor showers, beautiful aft stateroom, and a wide dive assembly deck stretching clear across the stern, Safari is designed for convenient diving with maximum comfort. 

Over the last ten years a small number of divers have discovered there is a much better way to explore Palau, one of the world's premier dive destinations. They chartered their own dive boat, Eclipse, allowing them the benefits of a liveaboard, but without a large group of other divers. Eclipse comes with a very experienced captain and crew thus allowing guests the freedom to dive where they want, when they want, with just their own friends or family. Eclipse, a classic ocean sailing yacht, is the ultimate “off road vehicle”, capable of voyaging to remote locations and providing not just the essentials, but brings everything needed for a real dive expedition, tanks, gear, compressor, fishing equipment, and smaller craft for individual use. Sounds like a better way to dive? You bet it is! It is a just plain better way to live. When you travel half way around the world to a tropical diving paradise, why spend more time in a hotel room than in the water?

Sam's Tours, always the most individual of dive shops in Palau, has a very different idea of what a liveaboard dive boat should be, much smaller, far more personalized.

Now it is Possible to Really Explore Palau

John McCready and his wife, Charlie, captain and crew aboard Eclipse, have years of experience diving Palau's incredible coral gardens and walls. They also love exploring rarely visited coves and beaches within this extensive archipelago. But primarily what they offer on Eclipse is the opportunity to live the diving life.

Very small groups of friends or family have the freedom to choose the kind of diving they want, when and where they wish to dive, and very importantly, are able to dive when no one else is around. From early in the morning through late evening, John and Charlie keep action packed days rolling. Since Eclipse has no need to depart the dive areas at night, diving starts early when no other divers have yet arrived from distant dive shops. Likewise in the afternoon; the most celebrated dive locations in the world are usually deserted by 3:00 PM. Guests on Eclipse almost never see other divers underwater and even have the opportunity to do night dives on Palau's incredible walls, something not possible with shore based dive operations. Harder to describe is John and Charlie's experience at work. They really pay attention to tidal movement, water clarity, fish habits, and results of current interactions. They are always on the lookout for extraordinary events that can be observed by being in the right place at the right time. Eclipse is an outdoor experience, enabling divers to really live in this island wilderness.

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Introducing Safari, maybe the best dive experience available in Palau

After years of experience operating Eclipse, the only chartered live aboard dive boat in Palau, Sam’s Tours is now presenting an additional boat with the luxury and comfort associated with fine dive liveaboards, but incorporating the special privilege of custom diving when and where the guests wish, because Safari is just for two.  With deluxe accommodations for a couple, our divers are assured not only their choice of dives, but also the special treat of being able to experience the most celebrated dives in the Pacific when no others are present. 
How do we do it?  Perhaps a short introduction to Palau diving will help in understanding.  Almost all Palau’s best diving is concentrated along a ten mile stretch of barrier reef on the south west side of the island chain.  While this makes diving relatively easy for the handful of liveaboards in Palau, this area is far from Koror, the only town in Palau and the location of most accommodations and dive operators.  The result is that hundreds of divers only arrive in the prime dive area after nine in the morning and leave before three since so much of their day is spent getting from hotel, to restaurant, to dive shop, to dive site, and then back.

So the four large liveaboard boats have a multitude of deserted dive sites to choose from early and late each day.  But these boats provide their own crowds when diving since each of them dive in groups numbering eighteen to thirty.   That may be luxury diving for some, but we have always felt that the ultimate in dive luxury was diving with just your own friends and dive master While Eclipse has for years offered the best wilderness experience in Palau, it is not for everyone. Relatively Spartan, guests shower on deck, are served meals outside in the cockpit, and do without air conditioning. Great for one or two couples, Eclipse becomes a bit crowded with five or six guests.  But it has always been great fun, because our guests are an exclusive charter group, only diving with friends or family, plus our experienced dive master, of course. Now we will offer that style of diving with private deluxe accommodations aboard a seaworthy long distance power yacht.  Designed to cross oceans in style, Safari has a large master stateroom aft with king size bed and en suite bath with hot shower.  Air conditioned comfort is assured with a quiet 6kw generator operating below decks, also providing electric power for our fine German made Bauer compressor.  A large dive platform stretches clear across the stern of Safari, providing tank racks, fill whips, compartments for dive gear and seating for easy suiting up.  A large hinged boarding ladder makes for convenient return aboard at the end of each dive, and a small shower provides a fresh water rinse before going below to change.  

Even though we do most diving directly from the boat, we also have a large Zodiac style dingy with a powerful outboard, mostly for safety, but also allows diving in areas where high currents mix with shallow reef conditions, specifically Ulong Channel.   Meals are served inside the air conditioned dinning salon, and there is ample space topside to join the captain on the shaded flying bridge, or stretch out on the aft sundeck.  Safari’s shallow draft will enable diving during the “off season” as well, since she can go through German Channel even during low tide and seek a quiet anchorage when onshore wind and swell make it too rough to remain on moorings out side the reef.

The other tradition that will be maintained aboard Safari is excellent cuisine.  So for an amazing dive trip charter Safari, the only dive boat in Palau dedicated to luxury, supreme comfort, and fabulously exclusive diving.
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