German Lighthouse
Palau is filled with World War II history. We'll make that history lesson fun and informative by taking you to some of the most interesting sites in Palau.

The trip to German Lighthouse is just one of many places you can experience first hand Palau 's role in World War II history.

This forested walk follows a path constructed by the Japanese during WWII and leads to forgotten relics from the war; secretive bunkers, massive cannons, and the rock island headquarters filled with relics. Along with other hidden treasures, this exploration is guaranteed to satiate the WWII enthusiasts.

The reward at the top of the island is a century old coral-built lighthouse constructed during the German occupation. The look-out from the top of the lighthouse gives you a birds-eye view of most of the archipelago

Peleliu Island
Peleliu Island was the scene of one of the Pacific's bloodiest battles when U.S. Marines made an amphibious assault on the beaches of Peleliu in 1944 to liberate the island from Japanese forces. Peleliu was heavily fortified with massive concrete bunkers and over 300 man-made and reinforced natural caves used to shelter the Japanese forces during massive naval bombardments prior to the assault. Remnants of Japanese headquarters buildings, incredible cave systems, gun emplacements, tanks, planes and weapons can still be seen today. In 1985 the U.S. Department of Interior designated Peleliu as a National Historic Landmark.

Sam's Tours works closely with Peleliu Adventures, a small locally owned tour company based in Peleliu that offers professionally guided tours to battles sites, tanks, shrines, historical monuments and Peleliu WWII Museum.

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