Sam's Tours Divemaster Internship


Master your scuba diving skills and become a PADI professional with the Divemaster Internship at Sam’s Tours.

This course prepares you to become a Dive Guide, and whether you chose to practice as one or not, you will improve your overall dive skills and become a safer, more knowledgeable diver, who is able to effectively react to unexpected problems underwater.

For those who wish to begin a professional career in diving, Sam’s Tours offers the option to not only learn the PADI curriculum, but also gain the necessary experience to become a dive guide by diving as much as you can! Choosing where to conduct your Divemaster internship is important; when choosing the location for your divemaster training, we recommend you to:

  • Choose a professional dive center, preferably a PADI 5 Star Center, to ensure PADI standards are met and ensure the quality of your training.
  • Choose a location with a wide variety of dive sites and diving experience; this way you will never be bored of the dive sites and learn to dive and lead, in various conditions.
  • Choose a busy dive shop, so that you will be exposed to many divers and gain the most experience by diving every day!

Sam’s Tours' Divemaster internship is precisely about all of the above! Being supervised by our training department and professional dive guides, you will be diving a whole lot in one of the world’s renown dive locations,, which will help you gain the experience you need while having a great time!