Instructor Development Course

Become a PADI professional with PADI's Instructor Development Course at Sam’s Tours. At Sam’s we do not train instructors, we train the best professionals on the market.

  • We guarantee small groups (maximum 8 candidates per program) to ensure the best personal attention, immediate feedback and a more effective learning environment.
  • We use state-of-the-art teaching equipment (PC, LCD projector, powerpoint presentations, audiovisuals and many more) that will help you in your learning process, and will be part of your teaching aids once you start working.
  • We use the latest PADI materials and teaching techniques, which will give you an edge when competing for a position in the top dive centers in the world, where only the most updated professionals will find a job.
  • During our programs we like to stress areas such as proper attitude, attention toward your students’ needs, the importance of constant updates, counseling your students, and proper supervision during in water activities, just to mention a few.
  • Our facility is designed to provide you with the most comfortable, and the best learning environment. Confined water site is only a few steps away from the classroom, and so are our open water sites. No stressful drives and long waiting times between segments of the course--just a few steps to move from one area to the next. This means less time wasted, more time for you to review and study, or simply to relax.

Included in the course:

  • 2 days IDC Preparation (Dive Theory & Skill review and examinations)
  • 8 days IDC program
  • Two days Emergency First Responder Instructor (EFRI) program (available only in Option 2)
  • IDC Certificate of Completion – (upon successful completion of IDC) required to attend the Instructor Examination
  • EFRI Certification (available only in Option 2)
  • Course Director support during Instructor Examination (IE).
  • A minimum of 5 classroom teaching presentations
  • A minimum of 3 confined water dives sessions (presenting at least 2 skills in each)
  • A minimum of 3 open water dives sessions ( presenting at least 2 skills in each)
  • Professional career advice
  • Counseling and assistance
  • Unlimited use of study facilities

Course Content

IDC Preparation

During the first three days, you will be reviewing the dive theory segments that you have covered during your online theory session, as well as practicing skills demonstration. The purpose of these reviews is to make sure you are confident enough with the information to be able to teach them to your students once you become an instructor.


The program orientation conducted at the start of the program will outline all activities and requirements. Each candidate will be individually counseled at the end of the program as to how they have performed in regard to attending an instructor examination.

Academic Modules

Using your IDC online option you will be covering 7 presentations with the relative knowledge reviews prior to attend the IDC program. During the 8 days of the IDC, you will go through another 14 presentations from your Course Director that will complete the 21 needed for the IDC.

Orientation to Academic Teaching

You will participate in a workshop designed to accustom you to preparing and giving academic presentations. The workshop will demonstrate a presentation method called Prescriptive Teaching. During the program you will deliver at least 4 presentations using this style, after which you will be evaluated on each and suggestions will be given for improvement.

Orientation to Confined Water Teaching

In this section you will be shown how to prepare confined water presentations. This will involve briefing, demonstration, problem solving, controlling the group and de-briefing. You will be given a demonstration of how to conduct a confined water presentation by one of the staff. You will give at least 4 confined water presentations during the program. During your presentations you will be in charge of a number of ‘students’ (other IDC candidates) who will mimic problems that real students do.

Orientation to Open Water Teaching

This section is conducted the same as Confined Water Teaching with the only difference being that you are not required to perform the demonstration for the students again in Open Water.  Similarly you will give at least 2 open water presentations (consisting of 2 skills in each presentation) during the program.

Water Skills

During the program you will go over the 24 skills from the Divemaster skill circuit to ensure you are comfortable with your demonstrations. Your rescue skills will also be practiced in the Rescue Workshop.