Daily Dive Tours


Our daily dive tours offer divers of all levels the chance to explore Palau's magnificent reefs and biologically diverse environment.

Palau is considered one of the world's premier dive destinations, with dozens of dive sites in a rare variety: walls with fascinating coral formations, reef corners where the currents attract sharks, rays and schooling fish, channels and other sandy bottom sites, tunnels, holes, caves and caverns, and plenty of WWII freighter and plane wrecks! From macro to mantas, Palau has it all!

Although Palau is considered an advanced dive destination due to frequent currents and depths, there are plenty of easy dive sites for beginners, or for those who wish to become a diver! Please refer to our PADI courses page if you wish to get certified or advance your dive skills with Sam's Tours!

A typical day of diving with Sam's Tours beings with an 8:30 a.m. (unless otherwise stated) complementary pickup from various hotels in Koror to our dive center in Malakal.

Most dive sites are located about 45 minutes from Sam's Tours, offering our guests picture-perfect scenic boat rides through the mushroom-like Rock Islands. Surface intervals and lunch breaks are normally spent on either a virgin white sand beach with wild green vegetation, equipped with cozy seating benches and toilet facilities, or on top of snorkeling sites with stunning shallow reef plateaus.

Depending on your daily schedule, most boats return to Sam's Tours around 3-4 p.m. You can hop right back into the water, with our offer of unlimited free dives at Sam's Macro Wall right off our dock, where mandarin fish are often spotted mating at twilight. 

We dive a maximum of three tanks a day on our day tours, not counting Sam's Macro Wall and night dives. 

Our tanks are aluminium 80 cft (or 11.1 liter) tanks. We also have several 80 cft compact tanks, available upon request. We do not carry 100 cft (15L) tanks. 

We offer complimentary shuttle services back to your hotel, available whenever you choose to return. Many guests stick around to enjoy a deco-beer and snacks with friends and fellow divers at Bottom Time Bar and Grill while enjoying the beautiful sunset views.

Divers' Safety

Divers' safety is a top priority at Sam's Tours. Our custom-built dive boats are made for maximum safety and comfort, equipped with twin two-stroke engines, VHF Radios, cell phones, DAN Emergency Oxygen Kits, First Aid Kits, and a full canopy for sun protection. All our boat captains are licensed local professionals who know Palau 's waters and reefs like the back of their hands. All our dive guides hold current PADI professional level credentials, are fully insured, and must complete 150 dives in Palau prior to leading a group. Our guide-to-divers ratio is 1:8 at maximum (one guide for a maximum of 8 divers), ensuring divers are well looked after.

By law, all dives in Palau must be guided. All dives are conducted from a boat, and are mostly drift dives. Each diver is required to carry a safety sausage.

The Reef Hook Experience


A reef hook is made of a metal hook on one side, a long line, and a clip and/or handle at the end, attached to the BCD. Reef hooks are used by divers to attach themselves to the reef (onto rocks, not corals!), hovering like a kite in upstream current and watching the magnificent show in the big blue: sharks, schools of snappers, trevallies and barracudas, small reef fish, rays and more!

Blue Corner, Big Drop Off and Siaes Corner, are among the dive sites famous for the use of reef hooks. Sam's Tours offers divers our custom-designed branded reef hooks for purchase at our Dive Shop.

For experienced divers, Sam's Tours offers specialty dive tours including Unique Dive Expeditions spawning aggregations, Technical Diving and Black Water Diving.

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