Aerial Tour


How can you tell Blue Corner is really a corner? 

Want to see how German Channel is a man-made channel? How about spotting dugongs, an endangered species in Palau? 

Would you like to see the 70 Islands, where neither boats nor people can enter as it is a protected marine reserve for turtle nesting, and its shallow shores a breeding ground for many species?

You have not seen Palau until you have seen its breathtaking beauty from above!

Our two-to-go Aerial Tour is available on a 6-seater Cessna plane (one being the pilot, so up to 5 passengers) with all window seats, offering every passenger the best way to see Palau from the air! Doors can be removed to offer a clear view, excellent photographic opportunities, and some wind! The plane flies over the east side of Palau's shoreline, above Lighthouse Channel, The Arch, the Rock Islands, Jellyfish Lake and continuing on to the Ngemelis area, for an aerial view of German Channel, Blue Corner, and Blue Holes; the flight continues over the 70 Islands, Milky Way, Long Lake, and returning through the Rock Islands. 

The plane departs from the airport (transfers included), so you catch an aerial glimpse of the Palau Japan Friendship Bridge! 

For divers, you will be happy to know that the aircraft flies under 1000 feet/330 meters in accordance with DAN standards, making it safe to fly after a dive day! 

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