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While most visitors experience Palau in the water, Palau actually has much to offer on land! Sam’s Tours invites you to explore Babeldaob, the large volcanic island above Koror, to learn the story of the magnificent nature, history, and culture its trails tell. If you have only half a day, don't fret: we offer a half-day tour of Koror, the main tourist area, where museums, Palau’s aquarium, and storyboard craft shops offer visitors a quick glimpse into Palauan history, arts and culture. 

Babeldaob (North Water, literal translation from Palauan) is the only volcanic island of Palau (while the other islands are limestone), and is the second largest island in Micronesia after Guam. Its inhabitants comprise 30% of Palau’s 21,000 residents, and is mostly jungle, hills and rivers. The island is home to spectacular tropical flowers and flora, endemic birds and salt water crocodiles.

Historically, the population of Palau resided mainly in the Rock Islands, and due to the wars between clans, families migrated to Babeldaob to populate the coastlines and river mouths.

During the Japanese occupation, Babeldaob had a large pineapple plantation, various agricultural centers and a Bauxite mining area to supply food and aluminium to the Japanese troops in all of the Pacific during WWII.

Upon completion of the Compact Road built by the US government in 2007, Babeldaob became easily accessible and highly appreciated by locals and tourists alike.

Babeldaob offers beautiful waterfalls, cultural and historical sites from ancient Palauan time including Bai (traditional meeting house for the men), the mythical Stone Monoliths at Badrulchau dating back to 161 A.D, ancient terraces and, nowadays, small farms, WWII relics, mangroves, nature trails and a sneak peek into the lives of ancient and modern Palauans.

What should you bring: comfortable footwear, hat, sunscreen, light rain jacket, swimsuit (if you choose to get wet in the waterfall) and most importantly, your camera! Water, lunch and refreshments are provided during all Sam's Tours activities.

Cultural Land Tour

Witness the history of Palau and learn about the rich culture of the island on our Cultural Land Tour. Discover WWII relics and ancient Palauan remains; visit a Bai (traditional meeting house for men); hike through the jungle and a river to the Japanese Bauxite mining area at the magnificent Ngardmau waterfall; visit the modern capital building with its phenomenal views of Babeldaob oceanfront; see the Stone Monoliths, which are faces carved on stone dating back to 161 A.D, at the northern tip of the Babeldaob, and enjoy exceptional views of the ocean, which on clear days, one can even see the southern tip of Kayangel, the northern island of Palau. 

Highlights of Koror

Koror, one of Palau’s states, is the center of Palau where most of the population resides. Hotels, restaurants, government offices, museum, shops, schools, and institutions are located in Koror, offering a variety of attractions.

Sam’s Tours' Highlights of Koror Tour is a half-day guided city tour, offering a glimpse into Palau’s history with a visit to the museum; learn about Palau’s biodiversity through a visit to the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) Aquarium along with visit to a clam farm. Upon request, we will take you to visit the Koror Prison Gift Shop, where you can see and purchase traditional storyboards, with over 30 ancient Palauan tales carved on local wood, produced by inmates through Palau's progressive rehabilitation project.

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