Rock Island Jellyfish Lake Tours


Get carried away by the serenity of the Rock Islands, where lush mushroom-shaped rocks dot the ocean glimmering in all possible shades of blue in the pristine water and unpolluted skies of Palau; a relaxing day for all ages, our guided Rock Island Tour invites you to celebrate the beauty of Palau.

The Rock Islands, a UNESCO world heritage site, is comprised of 445 uninhabited limestone islands. Covered in vegetation right to the waterline, these green islands, vertically erected from the water, create a labyrinth in perfectly calm turquoise lagoons, with hidden marine lakes, rocky arches, caverns and rich coral reefs.

Palau’s reefs are home to over 700 coral species, over a 1000 species of fish (!), dugongs, sharks and more! Read about Palau’s biodiversity.

The Rock Islands were home to ancient Pacific inhabitants, and the remains of stone villages, burial sites and pictographs date back over 3000 years.

Join our Rock Island/Jellyfish Lake Snorkeling Tour, cruising through the fascinating picture perfect geological formations; put on your mask and snorkel and enjoy the the rich underwater life filled with colorful corals, small reef fish, napoleon wrasse, sharks and more; visit a natural island spa in the Milky Way, where sulfur sand fizzes through the rock, offering you the most natural skin scrub even the most luxurious beauty salon cannot deliver; swim in the world renowned Jellyfish Lake, home to over a million stingless Golden Jellyfish in a closed ecosystem; enjoy your lunch at one of the white sand beaches and let our guides tell you all about the diversity of flora, fauna and birds of the Rock Islands.

This tour is suitable for all ages; please note that Jelly Fish Lake is accessible after a 10 minute hike from the dock; snorkeling gear included.

What should you bring: comfortable footwear for Jelly Fish Lake hike, hat, sunscreen, light rain jacket, swimsuit, and most importantly, your camera! Water, lunch and refreshments are provided on all Sam's Tours activities.

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