Part of the Community


Sam's Tours is an active player in Palau's local and business communities. Our active role in the community is part of our holistic approach, including our environmental philosophy; please refer to the Environmentally Friendly page for more information.

Sam's Tours works closely with business organizations, government agencies and local educational institutions to support the development of a sustainable tourist industry and greater economic independence through expanding workforce opportunities for Palauans.

A 100% Palauan-owned company, Sam's Tours supports and sponsors many local community programs and youth development events including underwater clean-ups, sports leagues and educational camps.

We support local businesses in Palau to develop a strong local business community.

Sam's Tours is a member of:

  • Palau Chamber of Commerce
  • Belau Tourism Association

Sam's Tours is a member of, and supports the following environmental organizations and events:

  • Corporate Sponsor of Palau Shark Sanctuary Organization since 2001
  • Turtle Friendly Retailer (link to the Logo Shop)
  • PADI Project Aware

Sam's Tours supports and takes part in the following community organizations and events:

  • Royal Belau Yacht Club
  • Government-Business Basketball League
  • Palau Triathlon
  • Palau Swimming Association
  • Palau Women's Basketball League