Environmentally Friendly


The beauty of Palau lies in its pristine water and islands: untouched, uninhabited and unaffected by man.

Sam’s Tours, very much like the Palauan nation, respects and appreciates nature, and does what it can to preserve it as such. Our environmental efforts are part of our holistic approach, and ties to our philosophy of being part of the community.

Unfortunately, Palau does not have a recycling facility for paper. Thus, we at Sam’s Tours do what we can to minimize waste impact: we do not use any disposable plastic bottles and our lunch is served in reusable containers. We provide each guest with a personal reusable water bottle for the duration of their stay at Sam’s (and it’s a great souvenir to take home!). We have a triple filtration system onsite, and safe to drink water, which we offer to our guests. Due to the environmental impact, we no longer offer canned soft drinks; instead, we offer ice-tea, lemonade and juices in reusable cups.

We are a zero trace tour operator; our lunch break is normally served at one of the incredible Rock Islands, where we bring our own food to and take all our trash from.

Our lunches are prepared by a local vendor, Dragon Tei. Sam's Tours does what we can to minimize use of plastics to protect our environment, using reusable plastic containers and serving the meal with paper napkins and wooden chop sticks to reduce the use of plastic and paper. Read more about our efforts for the community in our part of the community page.

We have, and enforce, environmental rules for diving; these include no touching or feeding of marine life (corals of fish), not littering on islands or off the boat, and no gloves policy.

Our retail shop supports our environmental philosophy; among others, we offer Reef Safe sun screen products, apparels from Prawno and Neptunic, both which actively support marine conservation. Sam's Tours Logo Pro Shop is proud to be a certified Turtle Friendly retailer, as we do not sell any items made from turtle shells. Please be TURTLE FRIENDLY when you shop in Palau.

We offer products made in Palau to support local industry. These products include scented coconut oil, jewelry, and story boards made by local prisoners.