• Aerial View of Palau

    Over 400 green islands dotted in the middle of the blue sea. A must see view from a helicopter ride!

  • Hooked on Blue Corner!

    Hook in, float and enjoy the show: sharks, rays, barracudas, napoleon wrasse and more.

  • Unique Dive Expeditions

    Our spawning dives are structured around the lunar phases and tides, during which we take small groups of divers to witness these spectacular events.

  • Black Water

    From the tiniest post-larval fish, to various species of jellyfish, cephalopods and crustaceans, these night encounters with marine larvae are every macro photographer's dream!

  • Dive Certifications

    Our training staff are some of the most experienced instructors in the world and getting certified in Palau is something you will never forget!

  • Legendary Diving in Palau

    Renowned for its biodiversity, pelagic animals and dramatic walls, Palau is home to more than 1400 species of fish, 700 species of coral and a one of Micronesia’s largest collections of WWII shipwrecks.

  • Manta Time!

    Witness this magnificent creature on a spa treatment at the cleaning station or feeding on plankton at the surface.

  • Paddle the Rock Islands

    Our daily kayak tours take you on a journey to hidden gems of the Rock Island, into caves and tucked lakes, where corals nearly grow to the surface, and plenty juvenile fish await!

  • Jelly Fish Lake

    Have you ever kissed a Jelly? A Unique ecosystem, Jelly Fish Lake is a saltwater lake in the Rock Islands with millions of non-stingy Jelly Fish!

A Reflection of Excellence:  Sam's Tours is Palau’s premier scuba diving and eco-adventure company.

Excellent customer care, personalized attention, and professional service has earned Sam's Tours, a PADI 5-Star Dive Center, ten Scuba Diving Magazine Reader's Choice Awards, Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence and other honors.Our friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff leads daily dive tours for divers of all skills, and our non- diving tours are a fun way to learn about Palau's rich history, culture, and biodiversity. You just relax and enjoy Palau, we'll take care of the details.

Why Sam's

Experience Palau's magnificent underwater beauty with Sam's Tours: comfort and safety, professional service and overall vibe is what makesSam's Tours the diver's choice.


Palau offers an incredibly high diversity of marine species and its pristine marine habitats support some of the world's richest populations of corals, fish, and other invertebrates.

Environmentally Friendly

Protecting Palau's nature is important in preserving its unique and diverse environment. Find out what Sam's Tours is doing to ensure this beauty remains for generations to come.

Daily Kayak Tours

Learn all about Palau's history, culture, and biodiversity while paddling and snorkeling the calm bays, hidden lakes, tunnels and caves of the breath taking Rock Islands.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Our gallery contains albums of dive tours, kayak tours, land tours and snorkeling tours, as well as pictures of our facilities and partner hotels!

Dive Sites

What can you expect to see underwater in Palau? Sneak a peek to the world's top dive sites before diving them with Sam's Tours!