Kids Sea Camp


Sam's Tours has been part of Kids Sea Camp for several years, hosting adventurous underwater families during their time in Palau!  

Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures is celebrating 15 years of providing family dive vacations, specializing in dive travel for families that love to dive or want to learn to dive together. Family Dive Adventures is a division of Kids Sea Camp Inc. Kids Sea Camp is designed as a group travel, including several families and kids who want a family dive vacation.  Join the adventure, explore the magic of our underwater world and learn all about the marine life in a family vacation of a lifetime!

The mission of Kids Sea Camp and Family Diver Adventures is to teach children to learn fun things about a brave new world and become enthusiastic about joining their parents’ love for the ocean. The objective is to promote an awareness of marine-related issues, with a strong focus on conservation. The program has various activities, led by dedicated enthusiastic staff members who are eager to teach new and fun things about the oceans. The learning experience is conducted in a classroom setting filled with fun hands-on, age-appropriate programs.

Some of the topics and discussions covered during our Kids Sea Camp are:

  • Differences between fish and marine mammals.
  • Shape, color and texture of various marine life.
  • Space, color and movement underwater.
  • Differences between animals with bones and no bones.
  • Function morphology.
  • Dazzling color, light and motion of marine habitats.  
  • What do sea creatures feed on?
  • Are all animals friendly?
  • What must animals do to survive?
  • How can we help?
  • What can you do to protect the ocean and its environment?


Students will experience unforgettable moments while they have direct contact  with animals’ replica, such as dried bones and skin. There are also fun activities and games that are filled with educational messages about the ocean. 

The program is designed by age group, with different activities and educational methods for kids 5 years and above, 10 years and above, 12 years and above, and young adults of 15 years and above.

We also conduct scuba diving courses. All our kids' dive programs are PADI programs: SASY for kids aged 5-7; Seal Team for kids aged 8+; Junior Open Water Diver course for kids age 10-14; and Open Water Diver course for young adults aged 15, along with a host of PADI Specialties offered for certified divers aged 10-17. 

2020 Kids Sea Camp dates are July 18-28, 2020, join us for an amazing family adventure! 

Please see Family Dive Adventure's page for more information: Family Dive Adventures 


About the Kids Sea Camp Founder

In 2000,  Margo Peyton decided to combine fun, safety and education in PADI dive programs for kids with an equally relaxing and enjoyable dive vacation for parents who are divers. Kids Sea Camp was thus born and has been growing and thriving some fourteen years later. An "ocean educator", Margo is the owner of Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures, and it is her vision of raising awareness and love for the ocean from a young age that saw Kids Sea Camp grow into an international program conducted annually in some of the most spectacular dive destinations around the world. Margo, the "scuba mom", is an active PADI instructor and a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame.